The Weekly Marketing Roundup – March 24, 2013

A rundown of 10 marketing, communications or leadership stories you may have missed this week.


Digital Marketing & Design

  1. 12 rules for designing remarkable covers

    From Graphic Design & Publishing Center

    When it comes to publications, people do tend to judge by the cover — that’s why it’s important to make it the best it can be. Here Shweiki Media presents 12 excellent strategies for a publication to consider and implement when designing a cover to ensure that…

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  2. Coca-Cola’s Wendy Clark Defends ‘Crucial’ Social Media

    From Ad Age

    But again, no single medium is as strong as the combination of media. We see this first-hand in our campaigns that integrate TV and social. We know our target consumers — teens and young adults — are consuming media on multiple screens in single sessions…

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  3. Best March Madness Promoted Tweets So Far

    From Ad Week

    Nike, Capital One and Bing score, while Walmart air-balls…

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  4. 5 Habits of Effective Executives

    From George Ambler

    Effectiveness is about getting the right things done. Effectiveness is about organising your life so that you accomplish those things that are important…

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  5. The Future of Minimalist Web Design

    From Design Tech

    Minimalism is the hype not just on posters and billboards but in the web as well. More and more people are finally coming to realize that “less is more”. In retrospect, the popularity of minimalist design had something to do with the onset popularity of…

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Nonprofit Marketing

  1. Foundations to Congress: Tamper With Charitable Deduction and Communities Lose

    From Philanthropy Journal

    Hundreds of foundation and philanthropic leaders are in Washington, D.C. this week to make sure lawmakers understand that unraveling the charitable deduction is not a solution to the budget crisis…

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  2. A Simple Ritual for Harried Managers (and Popes) [How to lead like a Jesuit]

    From Harvard Business Review

    Still, if much of Jesuit life doesn’t much prepare one for the corporate arena, a few of the most foundational Jesuit practices turned out to be quite relevant. One discipline in particular proved far more valuable than anything I learned in JP Morgan’s superb training program…

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  3. Social Media Is About Engagement With A Purpose and How To Measure It

    From Beth Kanter

    The world’s greatest love letter is useless if it doesn’t achieve the desired effect. In other words, if it doesn’t get you a date, or dinner, or sex or marriage – whatever your goal is, it really doesn’t matter how well written it is…

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  4. Seven communication policies your nonprofit cannot live without

    From Jarid Brown

    Whether you are building a new communications department or re-examining your current efforts, this white paper takes a look at the foundation of organizational marketing and communications…

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  5. People First—4 Steps To Your All-Org Marketing Team

    From Getting Attention

    These four steps—clear and doable by every organization, really—have the potential to absolutely transform your organization, so take some time here….

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