The Daily Five: Social news from around the internet – 1/6


A quick look at my Daily 5 picks for your reading pleasure!

  1. Report: Companies average 178 social media accounts

    From Ragan

    Between Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube and other platforms, the average enterprise-class company has 178 corporate-owned social media accounts.

    That’s according to a new report from Altimeter Group, which surveyed 140 companies with more than 1,000 employees.

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  2. High-Level Direct Mail from Obama’s 2012 Presidential Campaign

    From Direct Marketing iq

    Let’s face it — the 2012 presidential election campaign began not long after the polls closed in 2008. But it took a while, until mid-2011, for signs of it to show up in the mailbox.

    Obama for America began the president’s re-election effort with a package targeting a likely “early supporter.”

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  3. Why Tumblr Fan Mail Will Beat Facebook Messages & Twitter DMs

    From Read Write Web

    Tumblr just announced a new private messaging feature called Fan Mail. It’s a more personal means that’s not email, which requires you to know your favorite blogger’s email address (do you?) or the handwritten form of the 20th century, snail mail. That leaves two social network-y means of contact: Facebook private messages and Twitter direct messages. Depending on the blogger’s comfort level, however, they may not make Facebook messages on profile pages an option. Similarly, not every blogger follows fans back on Twitter.

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  4. You Need to Make More Mistakes

    From Inc

    If you have ever flown in an airplane, used electricity from a nuclear power plant, or taken an antibiotic, you have benefited from someone’s brilliant mistake. Each of these life-changing innovations was the result of many missteps and an occasional insight that turned a mistake into a surprising portal of discovery. Even Albert Einstein made at least 23 mistakes in his published scientific publications. Some of these were necessary to achieve his monumental insights about the deeper forces of nature.

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  5. The Fives Stages of Measurement Acceptance

    From Beth Kanter

    Infographics, if done well, can be a useful way to boil down key principles, ideas, or themes. They’re gaining popularity everywhere, including the nonprofit sector. More and more nonprofits are starting to use them and it isn’t difficult to find lots of examples and curate them.

    KD Paine, my co-author of the Measuring the Networked Nonprofit (due out in later in 2012), pointed me to this gem of a measurement checklist in an infographic format.

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