The Daily Five: Social news from around the internet – 1/5


A quick look at my Daily 5 picks for your reading pleasure!

  1. How to Get the Most Out of Google Analytics

    From Mashable

    After we published a primer for using Google Analytics, readers said they were hungry for more.

    Google Analytics has since revamped its design, giving it not only a cleaner look but also updated data sets. You can now find everything from real-time stats to details about which mobile device your site visitors come from.

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  2. Calendar of 2012 nonprofit & social change conferences

    From SocialBrite

    Following is a roundup of conferences and events scheduled in the nonprofit and social change sector in 2012 with a few related events tossed in as well. This has become an annual tradition here at Socialbrite, and we hope you’ll bookmark this page and return to it throughout the year — we’ll be updating it throughout 2012 as more conference details firm up.

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  3. Convio Predicts Key Trends For The Nonprofit Sector In 2012

    Convio (Nasdaq: CNVO) today announced its key predictions and expected trends that will have the biggest impact on the nonprofit sector in 2012: social and mobile continuing to mature; peer-to-peer engagement having greater influence; and donors dictating terms of interaction.

    “Successful nonprofits must continuously adapt to changes in consumer expectations and opportunities presented by new media and technologies,” said Vinay Bhagat, founder and chief strategy officer for Convio. “Respecting donor communication preferences and leveraging low cost channels and outreach strategies to their full potential are critical success factors.”

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  4. 76% of Companies Do Not Have a Social Media Policy

    According to a report by Grant Thornton, which surveyed 141 public and private companies, social media is the proverbial double-edged sword: It offers both opportunities and risks. Social media cuts across many areas of a company, therefore any policy surrounding it should be the result of a multidisciplinary approach.

    Key survey findings include the following…

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  5. Is Pinterest the ‘next big thing’ in social media?

    I’m always cautious when I hear that a particular service is the “next big thing” in social media.

    The industry is littered with the remains of service that seemed to have potential, only to fall short before long. But a well-known serial entrepreneur is willing to wager that Pinterest might just succeed where so many others have failed.

    In a blog post yesterday, Elad Gil took a deep look at how Pinterest’s so-called “social curation” fits into a trend that has developed across the social landscape.

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