Quality versus Quantity? A Communications Nightmare

Every once in a while, we all experience a week that we wish never happened. We find ourselves in the middle of managing multiple projects, we receive an endless stream of calls from colleagues asking for additional help, and despite 16 hour days with no lunch break in site, we find ourselves falling further behind. As I woke up this morning after finding myself in the midst of this scenario, I thought to myself…maybe if I produced a mediocre product…the demands on my time might just relax. I found myself asking the age old question: Quality or Quantity?

As marketing professionals we all have one goal we strive to achieve: CONTROL. We work tirelessly to produce high quality products, hone our skills, and produce a solid return on investment and to build a high level of trust with key influencers within our organization. The higher quality of product and stronger our relationships, the more control we are able to maintain over an organization’s messaging. However, there is one unintended consequence of this approach: DEMAND. The more we consistently produce a quality work product, the greater the demand for our time and abilities; and before too long we find ourselves in a position in which everyone wants a piece of the action.

That has been my week in a nutshell. As I worked to produce the highest quality work product, the phone kept on ringing and the to-do list grew. The easy solution is to simply say no or better yet to abandon quality for quantity. But when you find yourself in this position, just remember this: SLOW DOWN, TAKE THE PHONE OFF THE HOOK AND FOCUS ON THE TASK AT HAND.

I have only myself to blame for weeks such as this past one, after all…It’s what I asked for. Initiating an endless stream of “no’s” will not serve you well. Rushing a job and sacrificing quality might solve a temporary overload but will cause heavy damage to your reputation in the long run.

So slow down…focus on quality…your workload will become more manageable and your stress level will drop.

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