New GAP logo scrapped after Facebook & Twitter backlash.

It took less than a few hours for news of the Gap’s new logo to go viral across Facebook and Twitter.  Unfortunately for the retailer, the viral campaign was not the one they hoped for.  On Facebook, thousands of users attacked Gap’s facebook pages, groups admonishing the logo popped up and developers even created their own spoof website to “create your own Gap logo”.   The backlash on Twitter was just as harsh, with thousands of status updates directed at the company and a Twitter account opposing the change gathering 5,000 followers within hours. 

The logo change was part of modernization campaign launched by the company that included a website redesign aimed at boosting falling sales figures.  The company’s intention was to create a logo that conveyed a ”modern, sexy cool” image of the company.  However, the backlash against the logo design culminated in Vanity Fair referring to the design as “infantile”.  Instead of a “modern, sexy cool” design, the company had created a logo that reminded many of the flashback, baggy checkered pants worn by M.C. Hammer in the late 80′s. 

Marka Hansen, president of Gap, said it was “clear that we did not go about this in the right way…all of the comments say over and over that they are passionate about our blue box logo and want it back. So we’ve decided to do that.”

So for now, the GAP has returned to their iconic, 25 year old, blue logo while the company seeks customer feedback for a possible new design.



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