Social Media

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Creating Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy has evolved from social sharing to the most effective means of building a sustained dialogue with you clients and generating a nearly limitless amount of exposure. You’ve read the articles, perhaps experienced limited success, and now you are ready to develop and implement a social media strategy. But where do you start? What tools should you use? How do you focus your efforts in a world of ever-increasing technology and opportunity?

Developing successful social media strategy requires an understanding of the hundreds of tools available, their practical applications, and a unique understanding of the differences between traditional marketing strategy and social media marketing strategy. I can help you develop a custom social media strategy that integrates your existing web technologies, technical acumen and enhances your existing marketing strategy.

I can help you and your company understand the Web 2.0 landscape, determine how your company fits into this space and how you can launch an innovative, efficient, effective and successful Social Media Strategy. As my client, you will receive a thorough examination of your current web technologies, marketing strategies and organizational structure culminating in a custom strategy and roadmap for integration. Consultative services are designed as a stand-alone service with a commitment that your strategy will be designed to allow you to fully implement the strategy yourself, with no pressure to use our implementation services. So whether you’re a small business owner looking to launch a social media campaign or a large company seeking guidance on how to effectively manage your campaign, I can help.

Implementing Social Media Strategy

Whether I build your social market strategy or you design your own, I have the knowledge, tools and experience to help you implement and apply social media tools. From social network profile setup to the development of your own social networking website, I can help you efficiently implement your strategy while providing training and expertise on best practices.

I will help you build and design your social media profiles, seamlessly brand and connect your social media platforms, build custom applications or content, and provide a streamlined roadmap for efficiently updating content and interactions. I will help you launch you social media campaign through promotion across my managed networks and tools to integrate your existing marketing tools.

My implementation services are designed not only to assist you in creating your company’s social media presence, but also to serve as a catalyst for a successful campaign.

  • Social Network Profile Design
  • Customized Social Networks (i.e. Ning)
  • Email Marketing Setup & Template Designs
  • Blogs
  • Online Video
  • Podcasts
  • Webcasts
  • Widgets
  • Affiliate/Advertising Campagin Setup
  • Wikis

With an ever-growing list of social media tools available, I have the technical acumen to establish the tools that will work best for your company.

Social Media Management

Need long-term solutions?

Don’t have the time or manpower to effectively manage your social media outreach?

I can customize solutions to fit your long-term needs and connect you to the resources that will allow you to take adavantage of the power of social media on your terms. From profile management to analytics, I have the tools, resources and connections to help your business maintain an effective social media marketing strategy.

Custom Content & Applications

Want to keep them coming back for more?
Wonder what separates the “Big Dogs” from the rest of the pack?
I can help you create custom applications and content to separate your social media presence from the rest of the pack. From custom blog skins to advanced graphics and custom applications for your Facebook Page, I can provide the solution to fit your needs.