5 Creative 2013 Super Bowl Sunday Infographics

Super Bowl XLVII infographics seem to be appearing everywhere this year, with designers and marketing companies creating infographics for reasons ranging from showing off their personal design skills to marketing beer shopping services. Below are five of my personal favorite Super Bowl XLVII infographics to get you geared up for Sunday’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers.

2013 Super Bowl Beer Consumption

Created by www.SaveonBrew.com this infographic covers the 50 million cases of beer that will be consumed during the 2013 Super Bowl.

Your Social Media Guide To The Super Bowl [Infographic]

Created by Sysomos, this awesome inforgraphic picked up by ESPN takes a look at how teams are faring in social media.

Social Media Guide to the Super Bowl

The Marketing Super Bowl

This infographic created by insighera.com puts a creative twist on the Super Bowls, comparing past and present Super Bowl stars to different types of marketing.

Marketing Super Bowl Infographic

Super Bowl XLVII and Social Media

Created by NetworkedInsights.com, this Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers inforgraphic takes a look at how teams are faring in social media.

Super Bowl XLVII and Social Media

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