10 Ways to search Twitter and identify trends

Whether you an organization monitoring the internet to identify positive and negative feedback about your service, a marketer seeking to better identify keywords and targetted trends, or an individual seeking interesting content, finding an effective or fun-based Twitter search agent is essential.  Naturally, Twitter offers an inhouse search engine, but users may find another search service that they simply like better or provides more relevant search results.  In order to assist you, I have added 10 Twitter search sites for you to explore. 

Twitter Search

Twitter’s in-house search engine.  A great resource, but often underutilized outside of the marketing community.


A Twitter interface that allows you to receive & send tweets, find new friends without ever reloading your page, preview twitpics, and has a search interface that: allows saved searches, background searches through a multi-tab system, provide a trend cloud on the interface and search graphs.


The home of the famous Retweet Buttong tracks and compiles the latest Stories on Twitter; allowing you to break down trends, latest tweets by category and search keywords.


Trendistic (by Flaptor)

A keyword and trend based search tool that breaks down tweets by day.

Tweet Scan

Search by keywords and users.  Also provides a paid service that allows email alerts of searches, tracking and time-based searches.


Search Twitter users, keywords and topics.


Find out the most talked about stories on Twitter, tracked and ranked.

Twistori - Fun Engine

Provides a running feed of how Twitter users feel.  What they love, hate, think, believe, etc…

GoodBadMe – Fun Engine

A community based engine tracking good and bad deeds through hashtags.


A specialty engine that tracks favorite tweets allowing you to track favorite trends and search by user.

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