20 Essential Facebook Applications for Businesses

Below are 20 essential Facebook applications for businesses and individuals engaged in social marketing and utilizing Facebook. 

Integrating Feeds and Blogs

Networked Blogs

Networked Blogs allows you to integrate your blog feed and build a base of followers on Facebook.  The application can publish your feed to both your profile and fan page. 

Social RSS

Social RSS is the most popular RSS reader app in Facebook. You can add your blogs, twitter and RSS feeds to your Personal Profile and Business Pages.

Promotions and Contests


Promotions  Facebook verified application for companies to run branded interactive promotions on their fan pages.  Promotion formats include: sweepstakes, contests, coupon giveaways, and more…

Countdown Calendar

Create a custom countdown for your profile.  The app features numerour skins, pic integration and more.


Contests for Fan Pages enables companies to easily create & launch branded photo, video, design & essay-based contests on Facebook Fan Pages within minutes.

Social Profile Linking


Links your Twitter account and Facebook Fan Pages

Social Tweet

Social Tweet enables you to tweet directly from Facebook. It updates both your Twitter and Facebook profile. It can also be displayed on your Wall, Boxes tab or a new “Tweet” tab.


You’ll have the option to post anything you Digg, submit, or comment on to your Facebook feed.


SlideShare allows you to link your Slideshare account and share presentations and documents with your Facebook network.

Selective Twitter Status

Update your Facebook Status from Twitter, but only for the tweets you choose.


Ebay Selling Feed

Post items your selling to your profile and more.

Mobile Apps

Blackberry for Smartphones


YouTube Video Box

YouTube Video Box is the best way to share your favourite YouTube videos on Facebook. Quickly find videos with our integrated search, show off your favourite videos on their very own profile tab, import your favourite videos to your profile or page from an existing YouTube.com account and much more!

Posted Items Pro

Allows you organize and list old posted items such as video, pics, links and more.

Custom Profile & Pages

Application Builder

Create your own facebook application without knowledge of any programming language in few minutes for free.

Extended Info

Extended Info allows you to add extra fields to your profile or page, such as Currently Reading, Favorite Foods, or anything you can think of.

Profile HTML

Add HTML to your Profile

Static FBML

Add customization to your Fan Page by using Static FBML to add select html or Facebook mark-up language to your Fan Page.


The Notes application page displays notes recently written by your friends, notes in which your friends have been tagged, and links to your own notes.


This application will add a box to your Page in which you can upload your own Flash Files to achieve advanced customization.

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