20 Color tools for web & graphic design

Color is an integral part of our design toolbox that sets the mood, tone, theme and assist in navigation of a web page.  Below I have compiled 20 tools for working with color.

1. Adobe Kuler - Adobe’s Kuler is one of the most popular and best free color scheme tools on the web.  The site has dozens of color scheme examples, the tools to create your own and is supported by adobe.

2. ColoRotate - This web-based color generator brings interactivity to life within its interface creating a fun atmosphere for creating stunning color schemes.  The interface makes altering preexisting color palettes samples simple and allows you multiple ways to view your own creations. 

3. Color Scheme Designer - Color Scheme Designer remains one of my favorit color scheme tools with a beautiful and easy to use interface.

4. Toucan - Aviary’s Toucan is a web tool for creating color schemes. It features both a color wheel and image picker for photo color selection.

5. Colour Lovers – Copaso - Colour Lovers is an online community for designers with their copaso tool featuring an advanced interface with Meta data, image attachment and more.

6. ColorMunki - This website has a palette generator that allows you to choose colors from images and photos.  The site features a palette sharing option to encourage user feedback.

7. Color Jack - Colorjack features an interactive color wheel with several customization options and color theory formulas.

8. Palette Man - A basic but useful color scheme generator based upon predetermined themes.

9. 4096 Color Wheel - 4096 Color Wheel allows you to hover over a color wheel and generate a scheme.

10. Color Wizard - A “Color Wizard” with a simple to use interface for experimentation.

11. Color Schemer - Another free palette generator centered upon a base color.

12. Color Explorer - This web tool allows you to generate a palette from an uploaded image, access color libraries and has numerous extras.

13. Pictaculous - A simple tool designed to generate a color based upon an image that you upload.

14. Krazy Dad – Colr Pickr - Colr Pickr is a great tool for those looking for images based upon a color scheme.  The tool pulls images from the vast expanse of Flickr’s creative commons photos based upon your color.

15. 0 to 255 - This tool allows you to explore variations of selected colors.  A great tool for creating the perfect gradient, shading or more.

16. Color Picker - Limited function but a great tool for finding the right color in a hurry or when you don’t have access to your graphics editor.

17. Color Suckr - Extracts colors from images on the web by entering the image URL.

18. Chir.ag – Name That Color - A fun tool for naming a particular color.

Color Testers

19. Check My Colours - Instantly analyze the contrast of elements on your website with this easy-to-use tool.

20. Juicy Studio – Luminosity Contrast Ration - Another W3C luminosity contrast tool for checking foreground and background colors.

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